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tv   Campaign 2020 Sen. Michael Bennet in Concord NH  CSPAN  February 12, 2020 5:46am-6:02am EST

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lord, give me the ability to climb. together we will be donald trump. jeff and and ann support our campaign. let's get to work. thank
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>> colorado senator michael bennett ended his presidential campaign and new hampshire. here are his remarks. [cheering] sen. bennet: hello, everybody. hello, new hampshire. thank you all for being here tonight and for what you have done for this campaign. i want to start by thanking susan and the girls for their unbelievable support. for the sacrifices they have made over the last 11 years. i would like to thank my campaign staff, who ran through walls all across the country. [applause] there were never as many of them as some of the other campaigns.
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but they were a mighty force to be reckoned with. i also want to thank my senate staff for their incredible work and leadership over the last few months. there are so many people i will think in the coming days. i wanted to mention my predecessor, gary hart. he has nothing with a source of inspiration. my pal james carville. i did not even know him when he endorsed me. i don't think anybody will ever be able to forget his contributions to this campaign. i would like to thank everybody here tonight who flew across the country to be with us. susan and i and the girls deeply appreciate it. we would have been lost without them.
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because of their friendship and leadership and efforts, we were able to introduce ourselves to the state of new hampshire. i can't tell you how much we appreciate it. we have made some lifelong friends. speaking of their hampshire, i love you. i do. whether you knew it or not, we were having a great time together. [laughter] i said over and over again how much like colorado new hampshire is. this is a complicated political state. a swing state filled with thoughtful people who take incredibly seriously their responsibilities. so seriously that they were less decided today than they were six weeks ago. they decided tonight. tonight will not be our night.
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let me say this to new hampshire. you may see me once again. thank you. [cheering] i appreciate the fact that you gave me a chance. i wish all the candidates well who are going beyond new hampshire. i think it is fitting for us to end the campaign tonight. i want to remind you of why i got in this race and stayed in this race and why we have to stay in this fight. i got in this race because i love our country. i love america. i love the idea of democracy. i want to make sure that our generation passes this democracy intact.
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at least. if not in better shape. tonight, as we stand here, we can't say we are in very good shape. our democracy is at risk. the ability for people to work hard and live a middle-class life in this country is at risk. the opportunity for the kids and students that i used to work for in the denver public schools and kids just like them all across this country, the opportunity for the parents to get them out of poverty is at risk. america's place in the world is .t risk tonight the rest of the world desperately needs our leadership. our planet is at risk from climate change. these are huge issues that we have to confront. i am really proud that together in the course of this campaign, we developed an agenda called the real deal that i think is the most coherent approach to addressing these issues that we
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have seen out of any of the campaigns. [cheering] i look forward to carrying that out of new hampshire and carrying that into the future. is it wasw about that written by a team of people who have been working hard to represent a swing state in this country. any democrat in america, from the top of the ticket to the bottom of the ticket, can run on that agenda. thank you. [applause] i think that is an agenda that can get us the white house, and as james carville would say, 55 seats in the senate. [cheering] that is an agenda that is worth fighting for. i feel nothing but joy tonight.
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as we conclude this particular campaign and this particular chapter. i am going to do absolutely everything i can do as one human being to make sure that donald trump is a one term president. [applause] i will support the nominee of my party no matter who it is to make sure we defeat donald trump. [applause] we cannot stop there. as i said all across the state and all across the country, it is not just about who is in the white house. we have to win a majority of the senate. i will campaign all across the country to make sure we win that majority in the united states senate. i want to finish by
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saying what i have said to college kids in the state. 20 or 30 years ago, when people look back at this moment, and they consider the facts that sometime between now and then we got the money out of our politics and we put people back in our politics, we began the meaningful work of leading the world to address climate change. we rediscovered how in this country we can make the economy rise for everybody when it grows , not just for the people at the very top. we discovered how to provide education in this country. we were liberating kids from their economic circumstances rather than reinforcing the income inequality we have. when people look back and see
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how did that happen, how those people do it, they will look back at this moment and there'll be some college campus where they decided every single person on the campus eligible to vote would cast their vote, and cast their vote. universities all over the country looked at that and decided it could be done and had a new standard of what it meant to be a citizen in this republic. if this country starts to vote at 70% instead of 50%, there is no issue we will not be able to address together. i want you to be optimistic tonight. you have to be optimistic. [applause] this is in our hands. as james baldwin wrote during the height of the civil rights movement, this is in our hands. we have no right to assume otherwise.
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thank you all for everything you have done. [applause]
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sen. bennet: i have one other piece of unrelated business in the senate. the tv guys can cut it. in the senate you come out and make a speech about one thing and then want to make a speech about something else and you are too lazy to go back to your office. what you say to the presiding officer, i would like my next remark to appear on record as if they were given independent of
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the remarks that already came. [laughter] with that in mind, where is sharon beckham? [applause] sen. bennet: all of you probably know these guys. the people in new hampshire definitely know these guys. they have had the misfortune of spending the last year of their lives in an automobile with me, which -- if you want to hear some stories, you can hear some stories. what we always knew about this night is this is each of their birthdays. [applause] sen. bennet: i thought it would
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byappropriate to end this saying happy birthday. you happy birthday to happy birthday to you dear birthday youy birthday to [applause] sen. bennet: let's have a party and see what the results are going to be. [indiscernible voices]
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announcer: vermont senator bernie sanders took the top spot , with pete buttigieg and amy klobuchar rounding out the top three. can stay up on the primary results from new hampshire and watch these speeches from the candidates on our special ,ampaign 2020 website 2020. ♪ >> washington journal live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. discussion about president trump's 2021 budget with politico. and the government accountability office talks about u.s. elections security. atch washington journal live
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7:00 a.m. eastern this morning. be sure to watch washington journal next week as we explore area museums, highlighting exhibits and exploring the american story. announcer: live wednesday on the c-span networks, the house returns for general speeches at 10:00 a.m. c-span2 at 9:30 a.m., the senate continues work on nominations and begins work on a war powers resolution that would limit action against iran. the fiscalarings on year 2021 budget proposal. 10:00 a.m., the house committee looks at the budget. one :00 p.m., we join the senate finance committee. senator amy klobuchar thanked her supporters for helping her make the top three in the new hampshire primary.


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